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Wolves,cool appearance and honest; Shield, against attack. The original goal of Wolf Shield product is to timely report the leakage of CO, so as to ensure the personal safety of people and families.

Now we have been focuing on a series of Wolf Shield products so we are confident to further provide invisible shields for your family.

A range of products about Wolf Shield

Top Quality

In order to make the products of Wolf Shield reflect the firm and tenacious spirit of wolf, we have implemented very strict control over the quality of products.

Wolf Shield’s product design and parameters have reached the latest EN50291:2018 standard and approved by authoritative TUV in Europe.

Wolf Shield

Super Design

Traditional product lacks innovation and it’s industrial design.Wolf Shield team believes that products should be innovative and technology should serve people,so we design products with light appearance and Nordic style, but still complete internal functions. Our products can be very naturally integrated into the family. No matter how they are placed, they will make people feel very coordinated. This is the unique design of our products.

EN50291:2018&TUV Building

ready to use free marketing resource

As a marketing seller, we have to encounter problems in packaging design, color printing, instructions for use and other aspects when selling products.Wolf Shield team deeply understand  the resources you need for the marketing,  fully meet your needs for dedicated resources .

Different products have corresponding packaging, placement, publicity posters, instructions, etc. We have prepared them so that you do not need to worry about the idea of marketing resources.

Show you the Box,  Display and Flyers. 

Layout poster of Carbon Monoxide Detector