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Safety tips for outdoor barbecue in 2022

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Winter has gone far, and spring is coming to us. In this beautiful spring day, it is very pleasant to drive, travel, barbecue and camp with family and friends on weekends. However, outdoor travel is often accompanied by certain risks. Therefore, it is very necessary to make full preparations before traveling.

Barbecue is the most important part of outdoor tourism. As we all know, barbecue will produce a lot of carbon monoxide gas. If you don’t pay attention, you will faint or even die due to carbon monoxide poisoning. In this regard, this article puts forward the safety tips for outdoor barbecue in 2022.

In terms of site selection: 

The selected location should be relatively open and flat; There shall be no shrubs, weeds and too many trees around the barbecue site; Try to choose the barbecue place in a windless place. If there is wind, you must also ensure that there are no combustibles around the lower tuyere. Field fire is the most important. It’s best to be close to the water and in a shady place.

Choose a place with convenient transportation. Because outdoor barbecue needs to carry a lot of equipment and ingredients, we better choose reservoirs and beaches with convenient transportation.

Before departure, we should know the local situation and whether we can have outdoor barbecue. Because barbecue is forbidden in some outdoor places, such as some forest areas or parks.

It is very suitable for outdoor barbecue activities in spring and autumn when the temperature is appropriate, and in summer, the hot seaside barbecue party is a good choice. 

For appliance selection: 

Barbecue rack

The barbecue rack is characterized by economic benefits, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection and sanitation, and convenient use. Simple installation and beautiful appearance. At present, the grills used in many barbecue shops are basically chrome plated grills, which have the advantages of safety, sanitation, convenience, lightness, novel shape, exquisite production, exquisite materials, luxury and durability. At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether the grill has relevant safety certification, such as 3C certification, GS certification, etc.

Barbecue carbon 

There are three common types of carbon on the market: flammable carbon, charcoal and machine-made carbon. Flammable carbon is available in outdoor stores, in square and cake shapes. The surface of flammable carbon has a flammable layer, which is easier to ignite than ordinary charcoal. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive. The advantages of ordinary charcoal are cheap, but the disadvantages are different sizes, uneven firepower during barbecue, short combustion time, and carbon must be added in the process of barbecue. In fact, the machine-made carbon is mixed with carbon and coal and pressed into a hollow polygonal shape. It can be seen from the carbon ash that it contains the composition of coal. This kind of carbon has the advantages of uniform size, long combustion time, uniform firepower, smokeless and low price. Many professional barbecue shops choose this kind of carbon. The disadvantage is that it should not be ignited. If only two or three people barbecue with this kind of carbon, people will feel a little wasted when they are full and haven’t run out of carbon. Therefore, flammable carbon is recommended here.

Barbecue fork 

The fork is the most commonly used supporting tool for the old barbecue. Its function is very powerful. It can be used to flip food and clip charcoal. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of hand scald.

Barbecue twigs

Twigs skewer granular foods that are not easy to barbecue, such as meatballs, meat slices, diced meat and slices of melons and fruits, which are both beautiful and practical.

Barbecue brush

Barbecue brush is used for coloring and seasoning food. It is an essential accessory in the barbecue process

Disposable container

Mainly disposable bowls, chopsticks, bamboo sticks, gloves, plates, etc.

Professional detection equipment 

Barbecue is the most likely activity to produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a portable carbon monoxide detector at all times. Although carbon monoxide is diluted by a large amount of oxygen in the air in the open air, a small amount of carbon monoxide gas will float into the car. Therefore, it is necessary to place carbon monoxide detectors in the car and in narrow spaces to prevent accidents. Here we recommend Wolf Shield carbon monoxide detector. This detector is the lightest and smallest detector on the market. It has a built-in 10-year lithium battery, which is very convenient to carry with you. Moreover, it has passed the CE certification and can be purchased with confidence.

When the above preparations are ready, you can start the barbecue. During the barbecue process, the ingredients should be turned over constantly to avoid scorching which affects the taste. As for how long to bake, it is absolutely according to people’s own preferences. Some people like to eat half cooked food, while others like to eat well cooked food.

Barbecue FAQ 

Why is the grill on fire?

It’s probably because you don’t clean the grill often. Every time the grill is used up, some grease will be left on the grill. When the grill is used again, the grease will accumulate, evaporate and liquefy, resulting in fire. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the grill clean at all times.

What if the grill is on fire?

First, turn off the knob of the grill. If the fire is small, you can take down the food first, and then sprinkle some baking soda, coarse salt or sand on the grill to extinguish the flame; If the fire is very big, pour the coarse salt and sand directly onto the grill. Why not use water to extinguish the fire here? Because the fire needs oxygen to burn. Separating the fire source from the air with sand can effectively prevent the combustion of the flame. Pouring water is only suitable for extinguishing small fires.

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