“Overall I found Wolf Shield’s detector very compact in design and easy to install and simple to use.”




it’s a great gadget. It passed the latest EN50291-1:2018 in Europe. The compact and sleek design means you can put it anywhere. Installation couldn’t be any easier. Slip the back on and that’s it. You won’t have to change the battery for 10 years


justyn foster

This piece of kit is an important piece for the home. It comes well packaged. Easy to set up straight out the box . The rear bracket attaches and so switches the unit on . The manual is easy to read for setting up. Really valuable piece of equipment for any home gives you piece of mind.


Small powerful but fully functional carbon monoxide detector with a ten year battery life every home should have one of these regardless of the price full EN safety code, easy to fit using simple fitting kit but you must use the slide on back bracket for this to work .

Mr. A. Dance

The device itself is nice and compact, no bigger than an old fashioned bedside alarm clock that my gran still has in her house! It claims to have a 10 year battery life, the battery is immediately activated when you put the rear mount on the device. (it comes with fixings also) Wow is thing thing loud.... much louder than my nest protects! It would definitely wake you up if you were sleeping!! The device gave a couple of warning beeps and then the display kicks into life. There is no set up whatsoever on this device, you have a couple of buttons, one is for testing the device, which you should do weekly and the other is for changing between PPM (Parts per million) and another selection which shows COHb (Carboxyhemoglobin) which apparently is to do with the carbon monoxide affecting red blood cells - i have no idea how that works, so will leave my device on PPM!


Its sealed battery will last 10 years, apparently, there is an end-of-life warning. Having pressed the test button I can assure you that the alarm is very loud! There are 3 small LED lights, Alarm: which flashes red when it goes off, Power: which flashes green when the test button is pressed, and Fault: An amber button flashes if there is a fault. Unlike my previous one, this has a digital display, which gives carbon monoxide readings.


This is the smallest carbon monoxide detector I have seen. It is battery powered. It is portable. It provides a loud piecing alarm and it has a clear and easy display. It is easy to operate. I cannot comment on the longevity of the battery but I would expect it to last a long time, they usually do. This is great for taking on holiday (caravans, apartment, hotels etc) for the extra safety and reassurance from an invisible killer. This will be put to good use.


Fantastic little unit, which is considerably better than those of just a decade ago. This is a neat portable unit that is about the size of a business card square 76mm x 76mm. It is a stepped design to go into a wall bracket and doesnt look or feel the fact this is 25mm thick. It is easy to read, mute alarms and set warning levels. The alarm is a piercing 85dB. Measurement is ppm of CO. Amazingly this is powered by a Lithium Battery intended to last 10 years - the lifetime of the product. Even more amazing is the 10 year warranty that comes with this, in otherwords this has a lifetime warranty! Great as a holiday portable item or as a test to other convensional installations. A must buy and excellent product - happy to recommend, Andrew

Andrew and his Cats