Wireless Transmission Gas Alarm

01.Power Voltage: AC220V
02.Power Voltage Range: DC 10-14V
03.Static Working Current: ≦100mA
04.Alarm Current: ≦150mA
05.Operating Temperature: -5℃/+60℃, tolerance:+/-5℃
06.Operating Relative Humidity: -5%/+95%, tolerance:+/-5%
07.Alarm Output: 433Mhz and Sound & Light
08.Alarm Reaction Time: <30s
09.Detecting Gas: Methane(CH4)
10.Alarm Concentration: LEL: 2%-10%
11.Alarm Sound: ≥70dB / 1m
12.Mounting Method: Wall mounted
13.Sensor Type: Semiconductor sensor
14.Wireless Transmission Distance 100m…based on open area between receiver and Gas alarm
15.Weight: 167g
16.Dimension: 125*70*44mm
17.Bracket Dimension: 8.5*0.8*8.5cm
18.Bracket Weight: 19g
19.Screws Weight: 10g
20.Connection Wire: 22.5cm