Wireless PIR Motion Detector


Product Specifications:

01.Power Voltage: DC3V, 2pcs AA Batteries
02.Static Working Current: ≤25uA
03.Alarm Current: ≤45MA
04.Mounting Method: Wall mounted
05.Sensor Type: Passive infrared sensor
06.Wireless Transmission Distance 100m…based on open area between receiver and Motion Detector
07.Battery Life: 12 Months
08.Weight: 84g
09.Detection Angle: 110 degree/15 degree(wide angle/curtain angle optional)
10.Installation Height: 2.2 Meters recommended
11.Detection Distance: 2-4M/4-9M/9-12M adjustable
12.LED Light: ON/OFF optional
13.Tamper: Yes
14.Transmission Frequency: 315Mhz
15.Oscillation Resistance: 4.7/3.3/1.5M optional
16.Dimension: 110*64*54mm
17.Bracket Dimension: 5.2*3.1*1.4cm
18.Bracket Weight: 7g
19.Screws Weight: 4g
20.Batteries Weight: 47g

Product Features:

Attractive Sleek Design with stylish white housing
Use high-end Japan dual element passive infrared sensor
Comprehensive detection technology combined passive infrared and microprocessor intelligent processing to eliminate the change of false alarm
Intelligent temperature compensation circuit, reliability operation at high temperature
Downward view (look-down) detection to eliminate dead detection area beneath the sensor
Built with tamper proof and self-test supervision function
Prevents insect access into housing, reducing the chance of false activation