Wireless PIR Microwave Motion Detector


PIR Motion Detector:

BJ-968            Wired PIR Motion Detector
BJ-968F          315Mhz/433Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Detector
BJ-968MW     Wired PIR + Microwave Motion Detector
BJ-968MWF   868Mhz Wireless PIR + Microwave Motion Detector

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Product introduction:

The product is a wall-mounted passive infrared detector with high stability. It adopts advanced signal processing technology, providing superhigh detection and anti-false alarm abilities, and MCU processing ensuring reliability from the design basis. When an intruder passes through the detection area, the detector will detect the movements of the human body automatically. If any movements, it will send an alarm signal to the connected alarm host. It is suitable for safety protection in residential houses, villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses and office buildings etc.

Product Specifications:

01.Power Voltage: DC6V, 2pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries
02.Static Working Current: ≤20uA
03.Alarm Current: ≤45MA
04.Alarm output: 868Mhz
05.Mounting Method: Wall mounted
06.Sensor Type: Passive infrared sensor+Microwave
07.Wireless Transmission Distance 100m…based on open area between receiver and Motion Detector
08.Weight: 85g
09.Sensitivity: 1P/2P optional
10.Detection Angle: 110 degree
11.Installation Height: 2.2 Meters recommended
12.Detection Distance: 1 2 Meters
13.LED Light: ON/OFF optional
14.Tamper: Yes
15.Anti-pet: Yes, judge by heat / length / height of your pet
16.Dimension: 5.4*4.4*9.2cm
17.Screws Weight: 4g

Main features:
MCU processing
Double temperature compensation
Pulse count adjustment
Anti-white light interference
Pet immunity 15kgs or 30Kgs optional
SMT manufacture technology
Tamper back and front cover design providing Grade 2 protection design: back front tamper, locking screw
Wall / corner-mounted
Fresnel lens
Alarm output NC / NO optional