Wired Smoke Alarm


Product Specifications:

Auto reset

01.Power Voltage: DC12V/24V optional
02.Static Working Current: ≦8mA
03.Alarm Current: ≦35mA
04.Operating Temperature: -15℃/+55℃, tolerance:+/-5℃
05.Operating Relative Humidity: -5%/+95%, tolerance:+/-5%
06.Alarm Output: NC/NO
07.Mounting Method: Ceiling mounted
08.Sensor Type: Photodiode
09.Power Light: Blink every 32 seconds
10.Alarm: Full lights on
11.Weight: 134g
12.Detecting Coverage: 20㎡
14.Reset Mode: Auto reset
15.Dimension: ∮11*3.9cm
16.Bracket Dimension: 8*0.5*5cm
17.Bracket Weight: 7g
18.Screws Weight: 10g
19.Connection Wire: 12cm


1. Unique smoke chamber design, providing great stability

2. CCCF standard design (Specific for China market), MCU processing, anti-false alarm efficiently

3. LED indicating for alarm- and default mode, always knowing the mode of your smoke detector

4. NO/NC alarm output, working with alarm system