Stand Alone Smoke Alarm

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Product Specifications:

01.Power Voltage: DC9V 1pcs 6F22 Battery
02.Static Working Current: ≦20uA
03.Alarm Current: ≦50mA
04.Operating Temperature: -15℃/+55℃, tolerance:+/-5℃
05.Operating Relative Humidity: -5%/+95%, tolerance:+/-5%
06.Mounting Method: Ceiling mounted
07.Sensor Type: Photodiode
08.Power Light: Blink every 45 seconds
09.Alarm Mode: Sound & Light
10.Battery Life: 12 Months
11.Low Pressure Prompt: Yes
12.Weight: 191g
13.Detecting Coverage: 20㎡
15.Reset Mode: Auto reset
16.Dimension: ∮13.7*5.6cm
17.Screws Weight: 4g
18.Batteries Weight: 36g


1. Unique smoke chamber design, providing great stability

2. Battery powered and battery can be changed easily

3. LED indicating for alarm and default mode, always knowing the mode of your smoke detector