220V Wired Gas Alarm with Shut Off Valve

Product Specifications:

02.Power Voltage: AC220V
03.Static Working Current: ≦100mA
04.Alarm Current: ≦150mA
05.Operating Temperature: -5℃/+60℃, tolerance:+/-5℃
06.Operating Relative Humidity: -5%/+95%, tolerance:+/-5%
07.Alarm Output: NO/NC optional and Electromagnetic valve
08.Alarm Reaction Time: <30s
09.Detecting Gas: Methane(CH4)
10.Alarm Level: LEL: 3%-8%
11.Alarm Sound Loudness: ≥70dB / 1m
12.Mounting Method: Wall mounted
13.Sensor Type: Semiconductor sensor
14.Weight: 167g
15.Dimension: 125*70*44mm
16.Bracket Dimension: 8.5*0.8*8.5cm
17.Bracket Weight: 19g
18.Screws Weight: 10g
19.Connection Wire: 22.5cm
20.Power Cable: 1.2m


These gas alarm with shut off valve have high battery capacities and are designed to be easily installable and require minimal maintenance. Special design for wall mounted installation, digital IC control program,LED indication.AC power and alarm output, can work with alarm system or alarm stand alone.It can also work with gas pipe valve.