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Preliminary interpretation of installing family safety system

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According to statistics, 59% of family robberies occur during the day, especially when parents go to work and children go to school. The incidence of burglary is the highest. In order to further protect family property safety and personal safety, a new concept is introduced here: family safety system.

The family safety system is a system composed of multiple monitoring devices, including carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, video monitoring, motion sensor, door magnet, etc. It aims to provide all alarms that threaten the house, so as to protect your family and your safety. Of course, this security system needs to be bought. Although the price is a little expensive, the protection benefits it brings far exceed the value of the system itself.

Major Family safety equipment 

Control panel

Door and window sensor

Motion sensor

Water sense

Surveillance camera

Smoke detector

Carbon monoxide detector

Temperature sensor

Emergency button

Advantages of installing a family safety system 

Advanced  technology

The current security system has allowed all devices to connect to the mobile app. Users can remotely monitor through the camera at any time. Even if there is no monitoring, once the device detects a danger, it will immediately notify the user through the app. There is no need to worry about the burglary when there is no one at home. In addition, the latest safety system is more energy-saving and environment-friendly, such as smart home lamps. After adding the safety system, it can adjust the light and dark of the lamps according to the surrounding environment.


Many criminals are used to looking around before committing burglary. If a house is equipped with a monitor, they may consider changing a next home to commit a crime. At present, monitors support 360 degree monitoring, which has greatly deterred many criminals.


Installing a security system at home can not only reassures you, but also reassures your family outside. First of all, people know that they are under effective protection and can sleep at ease; Secondly, some men work late outside and can see the dynamics of their family in the office, which will keep them engaged in their work. Finally, even if there is no one at home, the security system will continue to monitor and send the danger alarm to the owner’s mobile app.

Safe and efficient 

Other monitoring devices added to the security system will be interconnected to protect family safety. For example, when the motion sensor detects the owner is coming home, the security system will automatically turn on the light after receiving the information. If carbon monoxide gas is detected, it will send out an alarm together with all alarms to remind the owner. It can be said that the monitors that are not added to the security system operate on their own. Once they are added to the security system, these monitors become an intelligent housekeeper, just like people.


There is no doubt that the cost of this security system is very high, and the cost of equipment alone is $400. In addition, users may also pay monthly maintenance fees for monitoring, battery replacement and data backup. Some have signed 24 / 7 service contracts, which also need a lot of money. Finally, the security system will also be annoying because it is too intelligent, in other words, it is over served. For example, you want to watch a movie in the dark environment to experience the atmosphere of the cinema, but the security system automatically turns on the lights for you.

Factors to consider when selecting a safety system 

There are many kinds of security systems on the market. You need to check many equipped functions to meet the system most suitable for your home.

1. Installation method 

This is divided into professional installation and DIY installation. Professional installation personnel need to pay the installation cost, but their installation efficiency is relatively high and will coordinate the operation between the equipment and the system well. DIY installation is to install according to the instructions, which takes some time and may encounter many problems.

2. Cost 

Although the safety system is nested, the equipment contained in it can also be selected. Before buying, you should consider what equipment is lacking in your home. You can not buy some unnecessary equipment to avoid spending more unnecessary money. 

3. Contract

Some family safety systems are different because some require you to sign a long-term contract while others require a short-term contract. The contract is mainly related to regular maintenance and 24 / 7 full-time service. Of course, there are also those who do not need to sign a contract, such as repairing equipment by themselves.

4. Monitoring

Monitoring is divided into professional monitoring and DIY monitoring. Professional monitoring is installed, maintained and monitored by professionals. Once a hazard is detected, professionals will quickly notify and call relevant departments. Professional monitoring requires monthly payment. DIY monitoring is installed by yourself without paying. If an alarm is sent, you will receive an alarm or notification on the mobile app, but you should contact the relevant departments to deal with dangerous events.

How much does it cost to install a security system 

The cost of installing a safety system is mainly composed of the following elements:

Monitoring cost

Installation and activation costs

Equipment cost

Maintenance cost

Taxes and permits

If you have signed a professional contract, you need to consider all the five elements mentioned above. The monitoring cost is about $15 ~ 20 / month; About $100 for installation and activation; The equipment cost is only due to the brand, some brands are expensive and some brands are cheap; The maintenance cost is $20, and some brands provide one-year repair free service; Taxes are generally included in the equipment. Therefore, the security system that signs in the professional contract needs at least $400 a year. If the brand is good, the price will be higher.

If it’s a DIY security system, it’s much cheaper. Just consider the equipment cost. About $100 a year.

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