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Each company has its own ideas about products.However, it takes many steps to turn an idea into a reality, such as customizing toolings,testing,certificate and production.Every product needs a lot of time and money from design to real niche, which is often a headache for many companies.

Now, we can turn your ideas into reality quickly!

LOGO&Appearance Customization
advantage of choosing Wolf Shield-Brojensmarthome

It can be seen from the table that customized carbon monoxide products in other companies will mainly face the problems of making toolings, product testing, certification, long preparation time, limited service and high cost. Moreover, most companies only accept the production of large quantities of orders, which means that the production time and cost will far exceed expectations.

Our products have reached the latest EN50291:2018 standard and approved by TUV. The lightweight design will definitely satisfy you. The above points have saved you a lot of investment and time. In addition, we offer small batch orders, we also provide LOGO customization and international after-sales service. The most important thing is that we always keep stock of goods, which can be packed and shipped quickly to save your time.

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