Most frequent questions and answers
  • Any faulty or incorrectly installed combustion equipment
  • Stove, gas stove, water heater, fireplace, generator and wood burning stove, etc
  • Chimney or flue blockage
  • Operate the grill in an enclosed space
  • Vehicles, generators and other internal combustion engines operating in garages
  • Mild exposure – mild headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, flu like symptoms
  • Moderate exposure – throbbing headache, drowsiness, confusion, increased heart rate
  • Extreme exposure – convulsions, unconsciousness, brain injury, cardiopulmonary failure, and subsequent death
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms on each floor and bedroom athome
  • Arrangeprofessional inspectors to check the heating system, vents, chimneys and flues at home every year
  • Regularly check the vent and chimney for improper connection, visible rust and stains, and clean them in time
  • Only buy safe electrical appliances approved by the state or professional institutions
  • Do not let your car spin in a closed garage or use fuel driven appliances or tools in a closed, connected area (such as garage or porch). Carbon monoxide can seep into your home through vents and doors
  • Every home with combustion equipment should install one or more carbon monoxide alarms
  • If there is only one carbon monoxide alarm in the home, it should be installed in the corridor outside the master bedroom or sleeping area
  • Alarms should be installed on every floor and sleeping area of the home
  • Place the alarm at least 15 feet from the fuel combustion equipment
  • Do not place the equipment in a dead space or near a window or door, and ensure that nothing covers or hinders the normal operation of the equipment

At present, the popular carbon monoxide detectors on the market mainly include the following types:

Sealed battery carbon monoxide detector: the battery life of this detector is generally 10 years. There is no need to replace the battery halfway. After the battery runs out, it will sound to remind you to replace the detector.

Plug in carbon monoxide detector: insert the device into the charging socket to make it operate. Advantages: no need to replace the battery; Disadvantages: it must be installed at the socket, and the equipment cannot be placed arbitrarily.

Intelligent carbon monoxide detector: it can be connected to the mobile phone app, and when the alarm is triggered, it can be communicated to the owner through the app. Disadvantages: the cost is about 4 times that of a normal carbon monoxide detector.

After comparing the above types of carbon monoxide detectors, the sealed battery carbon monoxide detector has moderate price, can be placed at will, long battery life and high cost performance, which is suitable for customers to buy.

No, not unless it is specifically marked as an explosive gas alarm. Our CO alarms are single function and react to carbon monoxide only. To detect explosive gas, you need an explosive gas alarm. Different kinds of explosive gas can be detected and it is recommended that any home that utilizes natural or propane gas have at least one explosive gas leak alarm

  1. Insert the base into the wall with screws
  2. Insert the device into the base to activate the device
  3. Press the “test” button to test. After the test, it can be used normally
  • Power Up:Green, yellow and red LEDs flash once in turn followed by 4beeps.
  • Normal monitoring status:Green LED flashes once every minute. No sound.Display will show nothing.
  • Carbon Monoxide present harmful level:Repeating series of 4 beeps and red LED flashing every 5 seconds. Display will show the current PPM or COHB Minimum 85 dB within 1 minute.
  • Faulty sensor:Two beeps and 2 flash yellow LED every minute.
  • Low Battery:One beep and 1 flash yellow LED every minute.An”X”will show in the display when the display is turned on.

The device will respond only when the test button is pressed when it is activated. Activation method: insert the device into the base.

In case of any quality problem during the warranty period, we can provide free replacement service. Even if the equipment breaks down in the ninth year, we can replace the equipment free of charge.