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Comparison between brands of carbon monoxide detectors in 2022

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What is a carbon monoxide detector

Have you noticed whether you’re going to a public place or a friend’s house, or even renting an apartment, you’ll find carbon monoxide detectors. The purpose of equipping carbon monoxide detectors is to allow people to evacuate in time when the concentration of carbon monoxide does not reach a lethal level, so as to avoid the occurrence of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The early carbon monoxide detectors were visual detectors, that is, people judged whether there was carbon monoxide gas around by observing the change of color. This kind of detector required people to constantly observe the detector, which was very labor-intensive; later, with the continuous increase of the number of people poisoned by carbon monoxide , people have developed many sensors, such as photoelectric sensors, electrochemical sensors, semiconductor sensors, bionic sensors, etc. At this time, carbon monoxide detectors have changed from visual detectors to auditory alarms, and people no longer have to pay attention to color changes from time to time as before. Later, as technology became more and more developed, people transformed the detector into a smart detector, which could monitor the carbon monoxide concentration and the working status of the detector in real time through a mobile phone app.

How carbon monoxide detectors work

Today’s carbon monoxide detectors are mainly divided into battery-powered, plug-in, and hard-wired types. You just need to install and activate the detector according to the installation instructions. Installation is to find a suitable installation location. Activation can be understood as powering the detector, such as plugging in or battery power. When the installation and activation are completed, pass the test button test, and then you can use it normally.

The working principle of carbon monoxide detector is mainly related to its internal sensor. The sensors are mainly divided into four types: photoelectric sensors that reflect color changes, electrochemical sensors that reflect carbon monoxide concentration through current intensity, and semiconductors that reflect the type of detected gas through the change of resistance value. The biomimetic sensor mainly simulates changes in the binding of carbon monoxide to hemoglobin in the human body. Their working principles are different, but the ultimate purpose is to reflect the detected carbon monoxide concentration.

Brands that have risen with the changing times

With the increasing number of casualties caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, the demand for carbon monoxide detectors is also increasing, so in recent years, many carbon monoxide detector manufacturers have emerged. There are companies that have been engaged in the security field for a long time, and there are also new companies that choose to join this field according to the trend of the times. They are all optimistic about the development of the security field in the next few years. Next, I will analyze and compare several well-known carbon monoxide detector manufacturers and their products on the market.

At present, the more famous carbon monoxide detector brands on the market are: First Alert, Kidde, X-Sense, Google. These brands are all well-known and well-received brands that can be purchased on Amazon’s Best Seller page. Of course, there are many brands that are not so well-known, but the product quality is very good, which will be mentioned next.

Company Profile:

First Alert:

Founded in 1976, it is a company with a long history and many “firsts” in the industry. It released the first battery-operated smoke detector receives US UL certification; the first to introduce a battery-operated smoke alarm to the retail market; the first to develop photoelectric + ionization alarm; introduced the first battery-powered type carbon monoxide detector in 1993. In addition, they have gradually derived from the earliest smoke detectors to carbon monoxide detectors and other security products, such as the introduction of safes and cameras in 1996, which is a step closer from the US market to the world.


Founded in 1917 by Walter Kidde, it is now one of the largest manufacturers of fire safety products in the world.

In the early days of its establishment, the company produced the first smoke detectors and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for ships, and through continuous innovation and in-depth market research, the target group has gradually shifted from commercial to civilian use. Kidde has been able to lead 100 years in the field of fire safety, in addition to high-quality product quality, it is more than the caring service beyond the product. Now, Kidde is more about working with communities and non-profit organizations. It provides customers with the latest fire and carbon monoxide-related laws and regulations, fosters fire safety awareness in the community, and donates more than 100,000 pieces of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers to national fire departments and non-profit organizations every year.


X-Sense is a home security brand belonging to Shenzhen Anshi Smart Co., Ltd. Founded in 2016, the company is a high-tech R&D enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life of users through high-quality smart home security monitoring products. Now it has more than 30 main best-selling products in three series of detection alarm, indoor monitoring and environmental monitoring, as well as more than 20 domestic and foreign patents and seven international authoritative certifications. At present, Anshi Smart relies on two core technologies of sensors and wireless communication, and has developed smart home-based smoke detectors, gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, as well as video doorbells, baby monitors, network cameras, and weather monitors, and created the leading home security brand with the third largest market share in Europe: X-Sense. As a start-up company in the security field, Anshi can develop into its current status, not only due to master the core technology, but also a luck factor, that is, it had a close cooperation with German TUV at the beginning of its establishment. TUV helped Anshi to improve product quality and product R&D efficiency, and provided better localized one-stop services for X-Sense to expand overseas markets.

Google Nest:

Google Nest is a brand created by Google itself and is sold in the Google Store. Since the majority of people use the Google browser, the Google Store has its own traffic, and the products in it have a higher exposure rate. In just two or three years, its market share will be comparable to that of First Alert and Kidde. In addition to the traffic blessing supported by Google, Google Nest’s products do have some novelties, which will be further explained below.

Product Comparison

ProductSize(inches)LCD ScreenBatterySmoke SensorPrice
First Alert Onelink7*7*2×2 Lithium Metal batteries required$264.99
Kidde Nighthawk2*8*11Plug in + 9V Battery Backup×$40.50
X-Sense SC015.7*5.7*210 Year Battery powered$39.99
Google Nest Protect5.3*1.5*5.3 ×10 Year Battery powered$114.83

Carbon monoxide detector evaluation

First Alert Onelink(Best for voice control)

An Alexa-compatible smoke and carbon monoxide alarm made by First Alert. Users can download the Onelink Home App on their mobile phones and receive notifications of smoke and carbon monoxide leaks remotely through WIFI, and can also pinpoint the location of gas leaks. Advanced Alexa can talk to people, play music, news, check the weather, control home devices, and more, and it can also connect to other non-First Alert-branded hardwired sirens in the home.

Pros: 10-Year Battery; Remote Monitoring; Voice Alerts; Smart Housekeeper; Built-in Smoke Alarm

Cons: Expensive; Requires a new device when the battery runs out

Kidde Nighthawk(Best seller in Amazon)

Easy-to-install plug-in carbon monoxide and explosive gas detectors that simply plug the device into an outlet to operate, with built-in battery backup in case of power outages. When carbon monoxide leakage is detected, it will sound an alarm and display the CO concentration on the LCD screen, and it will also sound a beep when the battery is low. It also has a 10-year warranty.

Pros: Reasonable Price; Digital Display; Backup Battery; Easy Installation

Cons: Hardwired Only; Products with plugs are designed for use in the US, require an adapter or converter for use in other countries

X-Sense SC01(Best Overall in Amazon)

A cost-effective smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Ten years of built-in battery life, clear LCD display, and easy installation with no wiring required. 60-day money-back and 5-year warranty.

Pros: Cheap; Digital Display; Built-in Battery; Easy Installation

Cons: Requires a new device when the battery runs out

Google Nest Protect(Most user-friendly)

Unique appearance, ultra-thin design makes people amazed. It combines the functions of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector and can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. When the alarm is triggered, it will sound the alarm and can also be silenced through the operation of the mobile phone, and it can precisely locate the place where the alarm is triggered. Unlike ordinary detectors, the Google Nest Protect focuses more on aesthetics and shines at night.

Pros: Works with smart home devices; Built-in Smoke Detectors; Battery powered or hardwired Voice notifications; Unique Look

Cons: Requires purchase of new equipment when battery runs out

potential brand

The above-mentioned brands are all outstanding brands in the current industry, with high product rankings in Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. There are also many emerging brands in the security field. Although they are not as competitive as the above-mentioned brands, I am very optimistic about their future development potential. Next, I will introduce a brand product with more potential.

Wolf Shield brand carbon monoxide detector is a recently developed product, it is characterized by very small and slim. The detectors on the market are generally large and heavy. The weight of this detector is only 76g, and the size is only half of the IPhone. Note that it is an IPhone, not an IPhone Pro Max. Of course, some people will ask, is the function of such a small and light detector not as good as that of ordinary detectors? Of course not, this detector is not only light and small, it is also equipped with a 10-year built-in lithium battery, electrochemical sensor, LCD display, test and mute buttons, 85 dB continuous alarm sound and 10-year warranty service. It can be said that it is very functional, the compact design is very suitable for a variety of home styles, and the battery power allows it to be installed anywhere. This is a cost-effective carbon monoxide detector that combines function and beauty. The price of $40 is also very reasonable, so I am very bullish on this product.

What to learn from these brands

Some of these well-known brands are due to the reputation accumulated over a long period of time, some are customer care services that go beyond the products, and some have their own high-traffic product click-through rates. And the brand I want to list today is X-Sense. X-Sense is a security brand of Shenzhen Anshi Smart Company. The brand occupies the top three in the German home security market. It is shocking that the company was established in 2016, but its popularity has been comparable to a century brand First Alert. What kind of characteristics make a Chinese start-up brand gain such a high market share in the European market in a short period of time, please listen to me in detail.

Core Technology

Since its establishment, Anshi has produced and developed three series of products through the two core technologies of sensors and wireless communication: fire and toxic gas detectors, indoor and outdoor monitoring and environmental monitoring. Among them, there are more than 30 best-selling products and 60 patents, 7 international authoritative certifications. It can be seen that mastering the core technology can create wireless possibilities for the research and development of new products. The diversified hot-selling products avoid the single product of the brand and give customers more choices.

R & D team

Their R&D teams come from famous universities at home and abroad, as well as talents from large enterprises such as ZTE and Huawei. They all have more than ten years of R&D experience in this field and are highly focused on home security systems. If you want to recruit so many talented people to serve your company, on the one hand, the company’s products and prospects are very good and promising, and on the other hand, the company is willing to pay high prices to hire talents to create greater value for the company.

Sophisticated Design

Many of X-Sense’s brand products are favored by consumers for their unique and beautiful appearance, because the design team is also hired from famous design schools at home and abroad. A person’s inspiration is limited, but the teams assembled from art academies all over the world have more design ideas, as well as the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. In addition, they carefully crafted every detail of the product, constantly injecting fashion elements into the product.


The reason why X-Sense brand products can quickly occupy the top three in the European market is more because of their differences with other products. Their innovations in products are not limited to appearance and function, but will also be advanced according to the needs of the times. For example, the advent of the era of mobile Internet has provided more opportunities for product innovation. At present, the X-Sense team is working on integrating products with 5G, and making every effort to develop an intelligent security system that connects individuals, families and communities in real time.

It can be seen that core technology, excellent team and innovation are the key factors for the success of a brand. In the later stage, we can learn from Kidde’s care services beyond products to retain old customers, and attract new customers through new products and proper promotion.

Case of recalling carbon monoxide detector

As of May 6, 2021, Kidde cumulatively recalled approximately 226,000 carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. After feedback from the masses and real testing, Kidde confirmed that some of its products have functions that cannot send alarms, so they contacted buyers through the official website, social media, telephone, email and other measures as soon as possible. For the period from May 2019 to September 2020, products sold on platforms and marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart are recalled, and free replacements are provided for defective products. Due to the timely processing, no safety incident was caused.

None of the other brands mentioned above have ever had a recall of carbon monoxide detectors, which proves that their product quality is up to standard. Although Kidde recalled the product, its timely remedial measures and daring behavior are worth learning from the industry.

Factors People Consider When Buying a Product


 People are more inclined to buy lower-priced ones when the features are roughly the same. For example, both detectors have 10-year batteries, and people tend to buy the cheaper one.


Warranty is an after-sales service that people pay more attention to. In general, people prefer products with longer warranties, and carbon monoxide detectors with a 10-year warranty on the market sell more than carbon monoxide detectors with a seven-year warranty.


There are battery powered, plug-in powered and hardwired powered. The more popular ones on the market are the battery-powered type and the plug-in type, because these two types of detectors are more convenient to install and do not need to be operated by professional wiring personnel. They can be completed independently and are very safe.

Whether it contains smoke detectors:

For safety reasons, people are willing to pay more for carbon monoxide detectors with more complete functions. The additional smoke alarm function can effectively prevent fires, and there is no need to install two separate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which saves more installation space and money.

Is there a relevant button:

The mute button is necessary, otherwise it will be very noisy after a false alarm. There is also a test button that people are more concerned about, because the product needs to be tested regularly to prevent the product from being falsely reported and scrapped.


Brand is also a factor that people will consider. Good brands have higher prices, better quality, and better after-sales service. Sometimes people are willing to spend more to buy brands they are familiar with, in order to use them more at ease.

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