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Are carbon monoxide detector reliable?

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With the advancement of science and technology, people have invented many household appliances, such as water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, range hoods, etc. These appliances have greatly facilitated people’s lives. However, the use of these appliances is also accompanied by safety hazards. Without regular maintenance or testing, the equipment will accumulate carbon monoxide due to insufficient use efficiency (insufficient combustion) or failure of the exhaust device, thereby allowing people to inhale carbon monoxide unknowingly at home and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Of course, most people agree that carbon monoxide poisoning can be effectively avoided by simply installing a carbon monoxide detector in their home. There is no doubt that the invention of carbon monoxide detectors has greatly reduced the incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning, but the installation of carbon monoxide detectors does not mean that it is absolutely safe. Some detectors often have false alarms, some detectors do not work as it says for ten years, and some detectors do not emit sound reminders when they reach their service life, and so on. These problematic detectors have a huge impact on people from the aspect of security risks. So, is it reliable to install a carbon monoxide detector? Here, I give the answer first: reliable! The reason is explained further below.

People’s demand for carbon monoxide detectors reflects the value of their existence

According to statistics, about 60 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning in Wales and Scotland every year, thousands of people are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide inhalation, and there are many industrial accidents caused by carbon monoxide leakage. These carbon monoxide poisoning incidents in modern society have raised people’s awareness of carbon monoxide, more and more people are installing carbon monoxide detectors in companies, construction sites and at home, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for carbon monoxide detectors in recent years. Carbon monoxide detectors can timely remind people of dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide around, so that people can evacuate to the outdoors in time to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, which has virtually saved many lives. You must know that life is priceless, which fully reflects the existence value of the carbon monoxide detector.

EN50291 makes carbon monoxide detectors reliable

Some carbon monoxide detectors are unreliable, on the one hand, because their own quality is not up to standard, on the other hand, they are directly sold on the market without being tested by a professional testing agency. However, there is such a type of detector that is very reliable, the detector that passes the EN50291-1:2018 standard. There are two versions of EN50291. The 2018 version has more and stricter requirements than the 2010 version. It can be said that the EN standard is much stricter than the UL and BS standards, which also means that the detectors passing the EN standard are reliable and trustworthy.

The improvements upon the latest EN50291:2018

  • End of Life indicator has been made mandatory and must include an audible and visible warning:

When the battery is low, the device will beep once a minute and the yellow indicator light will flash once a minute; At the end of service life, the equipment will send out three fast beeps per minute, accompanied by three fast flashing yellow indicators per minute;

  • Tests have been added for an optional alarm silence facility:

The setting of silence button is designed for those situations that affect people’s normal rest due to false alarm. Under alarm conditions, people can silence the equipment by touching the silence button, but the visual alarm signal will not be suppressed. If the concentration of carbon monoxide remains at or above 50ppm, the audible alarm will be triggered again after 15-minute of operating silence button.In addition, it shall not be possible to silence the alarm at concentrations above 300 ppm;


  • Guidance has been added for assessing battery capacity and expected life:

The manufacturer should declare the type of battery and its expected service life in normal operation. The service life should be based on the mean current consumption and the capacity of the battery.Meanwhile,the battery manufacturer’s data on self-discharge losses and their estimation of the expected life of the battery should be supplied too. For example, When calculating the expected battery life, the minimum current of each power consumption is usually calculated and then summed. The current required for the normal operation of the equipment for one year shall be considered; The current required for beeping when the power is insufficient for 30 days; The current required by the equipment from the low battery trip point to the minimum operating voltage, etc.

The points mentioned above are only changes to the life reminder and mute settings. The purpose is to allow people to discover and replace new detectors in time when the detectors reach their service life. In addition, the change of the mute button is also very meaningful. It is stipulated that the alarm can be triggered again when the carbon monoxide concentration reaches the standard within 15 minutes, which can further reduce the occurrence of false alarms. Of course, this is just some of the many changes, for more details on the changes to EN50291, please click here.

Powerful features make carbon monoxide detectors more reliable

In order to further meet people’s aesthetic needs and functional needs, so as to serve people better and longer, the detectors have also been upgraded and optimized in recent years. The most intuitive is the shape, the current detectors are all characterized by small size, one is easy to be accepted by people, and the other is easy to carry. In addition to the appearance, the service life of the detector is mostly 7~10 years, which can reduce the number of replacements and last longer. Other detectors are designed from the perspective of user experience, such as built-in batteries, which make the detectors easier to install, and can even be installed and activated within a minute without using a screwdriver. These personalized features are very in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people, and it is a reliable detector to complete the user experience while ensuring complete functionality.

In addition to the appearance to cater to the public, its test results are also very reliable. First of all, the effective coverage horizontal radius of the detector is 7.5 meters indoors and 15 meters outdoors, which means that a carbon monoxide detector can cover a wide range, and people do not need to waste money to buy more detectors. Secondly, according to statistics, families with carbon monoxide detectors are 80% less likely to be infected with carbon monoxide poisoning than those without carbon monoxide detectors. So, do you think carbon monoxide detectors are reliable?

Here I would like to recommend a carbon monoxide detector to everyone, which is the Wolf Shield brand carbon monoxide detector. It is one of the first detectors to meet EN50291 and be certified by TUV, ensuring it is a high-quality product. In addition, it is very small and thin, it is designed in the size of a cube, breaking the conventional circular detector design concept, and it is also a black detector. It is also a detector with a built-in 10-year lithium battery, which can last up to 10 years, and the detector can be fixed anywhere you want with the included bracket, which can be activated in just one minute. Trust me, It fulfills all the requirements for a carbon monoxide detector in your heart.

After reading the above content, do you still think carbon monoxide detectors are unreliable? You can take home a patronus for 20 or 30 pounds, and it can protect your family for 10 years, which is a very reliable and good deal.

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