Our company is a top professional manufacturer of  security products ,I have now been working in this business for more than 15 years and it is a terrific job, I’m delighted to witness  more and more creative products are used by more users. 

And we also concentrate on modern designs that are appropriate for every space and room. In fact, we want our products to be both practical and affordable.Our products have designs that adapt to any space, room, and color. The light and thin design accompanied by the affordable price makes the product cost-effective.

We’ve decided to focus on developing Wolf Shield as a high-end brand, and we’ll continue to extend our product line in line with market trends. Finally, I’d want to emphasize our high quality standards for both our suppliers and ourselves. Contact us at any time; it will be a pleasant communication.

Owner & CEO


Wolf Shield

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to establish long-term connections with our clients and business partners.

Our long-term mission is to go beyond your expectations by providing high-quality design and competitively priced products, as well as great service and technical support.

Our ultimate mission is to become a globally recognized corporation in our industry, as well as a truly trustworthy international trading partner.

we provide


Are you concerned about the personalized appearance? Do you want to make your idea come true? We'll assist you in solving all of your issues!

ready for shipping

In order to respond to market changes and save your time, we have stored a lot of inventory in warehouses around the world.

market resource

Each product has its corresponding marketing resources. We have prepared these marketing resources for you to conveniently sell your products.

Lifetime warranty

Our products have a long warranty period, and some even reach 10 years. Any product with quality issues during the warranty period can be replaced for free.


To reduce our goods’ environmental impact, we use more ecologically friendly materials and make them lighter and thinner than equivalent products on the market. Simultaneously, the product’s design, which has a built-in lithium battery, allows it to use less power and save energy.

Product certification

Wolf shield’s products always meet the latest EN standards and have approved by TUV in Europe.

Any questions? Talk to us!

Henry Wolff

Sales Manager