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5 causes of Fire on construction site

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The construction site covers a large area, with a large number of workers and high floors. In the event of a fire, in addition to putting the lives of the workers on site at risk, it will also threaten the public properties in the surrounding areas. Therefore, construction sites must install fire safety equipment and formulate fire safety measures in places where workers can see them, so as to prevent and prevent all kinds of fires.

This paper mainly analyzes several main causes of fires in construction sites and corresponding preventive measures, so as to prevent fires or minimize the losses caused by fires.

Flammable Material

There are many flammable solids, liquids, gases and many dusts on construction sites, which will explode and cause fires when they encounter an open flame. In addition, there is a lot of waste on the construction site, and there is also a lot of combustible waste to be disposed of. If a fire occurs, these wastes are likely to contribute to the spread of the fire. Not only that, but the presence of combustible fuels and sparks from electrical equipment can also lead to disaster.

Solution: Keep the site clean. There should be a designated waste area away from any sources of ignition. Make sure the fuel is safe from electrical work, as sparks can travel a distance. Trash should not be disposed of in a homemade campfire as it can quickly get out of hand. Smoking and the use of lighters to generate ignition sources in the workplace are prohibited.

Live Cooking

According to the NFPA, 27 percent of building fires are caused by cooking equipment on fire. The cooking fumes, sparks and ignition sources used in cooking can all cause fires on the construction site.

Solution: Create a designated cooking area for workers to use, but keep away from combustible materials; avoid on-site cooking as much as possible, you can put meals in lunch boxes in advance and heat them in the microwave on site; if the company provides free lunch, you can contact A nearby restaurant delivers meals so that no cooking area is required.

Welder, Heater

Some projects on the construction site require electrician welding and grinding. Many sparks will be generated during construction. After construction, the equipment will be in a short-term high temperature state. This is also one of the factors that cause fires and cannot be ignored.

Solution: Provide fast cooling methods for welding tools, such as condensate water or the cooling function of the equipment itself.

Defective Fire Protection Measures

Since the workers on the construction site are of different ages, there are young people and elderly people. After entering the construction site, they are only responsible for coolies and do not undergo more systematic escape drills. Therefore, in the event of a fire, the workers tend to be chaotic. Running without discipline, which in turn led to blocked evacuation routes. In addition, many workers have not received fire safety drills, such as not using fire extinguishers according to the actual situation, unfamiliar with the use and storage of flammable and explosive materials, etc. These are all flaws in fire prevention measures.

Solution: Compliance and training are key to limiting human error. It is the responsibility of the on-site safety manager or designated “responsible person” to ensure that all fire safety measures, guidelines and standards are followed. They must ensure that all fire fighting equipment is regularly maintained and conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment on site to reduce fire risk.

Electrical Failure

Old wiring is always a potential fire risk because it is left unattended, can become tangled, and can overheat for extended periods of time. Damaged or unresolved cables can cause a fire. Old wiring is always a potential fire risk because it is left unattended, can become tangled, and can overheat for extended periods of time. Damaged or unresolved cables can cause a fire.  

Solution: Any electrical equipment should be tested, inspected and commissioned before use. The aging circuit should be replaced immediately and the short circuit, winding, damage and other problems should be checked regularly.

Since different activities have been going on on the construction site, while maintaining the normal progress, it is also necessary to ensure the personal safety of each worker. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase some security equipment to ensure a safe environment for construction on the construction site. Brojensmarthome is a company specializing in providing security products, its carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. are very suitable for the construction industry, home and various environments.

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